We offer a high quality Tag Trojans® kit to all our children that’s custom-made with your child’s Surname printed on the reverse of the shirt. It’s available to purchase here.

However, it’s not compulsory. If you’d like your child to wear their own clothes, every day sports or PE kit is perfectly fine. Trainers are worn predominantly by children, although Rugby Boots with studs are ideal when the ground is a little muddy and wet.

We ask parents to consider the weather on the morning of our sessions and dress their children in the appropriate number of layers, they can always take them off during their session.

They can do but we do provide drinks at the end of their session or half way through if it’s a longer session.

We want the children to enjoy what we do and don’t want them to be disheartened because of bad weather. We will always decide on whether to cancel a session at least an hour and a half before it’s due to start. This decision will be based on weather reports, the current weather conditions and the state of the ground.

Parents will be notified via our Facebook page. Any session missed will either be added at the end of the term or made up with extra time in the remaining sessions.

IT’S JUST TOO COLD! These are young children aged between 4 & 7 years old. The most important factor at this age is that they have a positive attitude towards sport and exercise outdoors. One session in the freezing cold while character building, can put some children off sport for a long time.

There are so many other clubs going on in the Summer that we find a short burst of sessions to keep the skill level high was the best option for Tag Trojans®. We want children to experience different sports & activities at a young age and recognise that the skills we teach them also transfer to many other avenues.

We have a collaborative approach to discipline here at Tag Trojans® that promotes mutual respect. More often than not, children tend to get over-excited rather than actually mis-behave. Allowing a child some time-out of a session is sometimes helpful.

No child has ever been excluded from our club.

We are sensitive to a variety of situations and will always be mindful of what is fair and sensible when it comes down to session payments. In the case of injury, sessions may be carried over to the next term dependant on circumstance.

We always recruit the relevant number of coaches required to safely cater for the number of children in attendance. So if the attendance grows, so will the number of coaches.

We typically offer our sessions as a whole term. However, in some circumstances it may be possible for your child to join our club mid-way through a term. We would take each request in to consideration following an enquiry.

We ask all parents to make us aware of any special needs that a child may have at the point of registration. We will then try to cater for them in our sessions as best we can. All coaches will be made aware and tailor their coaching accordingly.

Our sessions are always explained clearly and differentiated for all levels of ability. Instructions are very clear, easy to understand, and demonstrated physically by the coaches and assistants.



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